Main Characters




Age: 20  
Species: Mortal 

He's... enthusiastic, to say the least. In the end, Nick cares alot for others, escpecially his friends, but often to the point where his own problems are internalized for others. A fanboy on occasion.
He was previously Scott's best friend.



Age: 18
Species: Aberrant, Aswang (pronounced "Ahs-wahng")
He fails to filter his thoughts and ends up making hostile remarks regularly. He couldn't care less about causing any real trouble though. Although he's a grump at most, after knowing him for awhile, you realize he cares for alot his friends too. Pretty much an asshole with feelings.
 Adina is his most rcent best friend, but he's a past best friend of Nick. He considers Siv, Collins, and Minx to be close family.



Age: 17
Species: ???
Laidback and irresponsible, Streak strives for laughs over logic. Despite seeming cheeky in his actions, he usually has best wishes at heart. He tries his best to keep the group's mood up, but when he becomes serious the atmosphere immediatly becomes unnerving.
Streak is an ex-Huntsman and considers Siv to be his best friend.


Age: 21
Species: Aberrant, Half-demon
Stern, yet impulsive and short-tempered. If someone pushes the wrong buttons, she'll immediatly retaliate if none of her friends are nearby to pull her back. Argueably, she mentally matured faster than her age, but her friends and adoptive family remind her every so often to loosen up a bit. She's equally experienced artist as she is a fighter.
Siv is an ex-Huntsman, best friend of Streak, and considers Scott, Collins, and Minx to be close family.



Age: 30
Species: Aberrant (supposedly)
Extremely stand-offish and an authoratative figure of the group. Although seemingly cold to others, he tries his best to take care of his group (despite them getting out of hand on occasion). When Minx says something, almost everyone listens, because anyone who knows him doesn't want to get on his bad side. He wears a charm around his neck which he protects almost obsessively, and he refuses to take it off at any occasion.
Minx is an ex-Huntsman, and he considers Scott, Collins, and Siv to be close family (although he didn't intend as so).


Age: 17
Species: Aberrant (Black Dog)
Laid back and occasional troublemaker, Adina is chill but competitive when given the opportunity (and benefits of winning). When bothered, she is definitely a  challenge to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, the hint of hotheadedness in her personality makes her bark worse than her bite, and often leads to her downfall. She's got a lot of spirit, to say the least.
Adina is Scott's more recent best friend.



Age: 15
Species: Aberrant (Avian, Laughing Falcon)
Collins is peculiar and extremely introverted. Although one could assume his quiet presence comes from shyness, it originates to the fact of his troubled understanding of the english language, due to the language barrier of avian dialect. His thoughts are often kept to himself, but he often uses his adoptive brother, Scott, as a translator of sorts. He has an interesting perspective of his surroundings, and warmheartedly adjusts to many situations.
Collins considers Siv, Minx, and (most noticeably) Scott to be close family.

The Others:


The Aberrant Rebellion


Age: ???

Species: Aberrant, Wyvern


They believe starting a second war between Huntsmen and Aberrants will resolve Aberrant oppression, and only by forceful justice will they be avenged. Their actions are blunt and straght-to-the-point. They are the leader of the Aberrant rebels and caused massacre which led to The Huntsmen Innitiantive to capture Aberrants. 



Age: ???
Species: Aberrant
She is close to ??? and acts as a bodygaurd. She is childish, impish, and smashes an enemy's brains out with a cheery grin.



The Huntsmen

Ms. Director

Age: 40
Species: Mortal
As the current, cool-headed leader of The Huntsmen, she can send out her soldier-like colleagues with a lift of a finger. She is strict and menacing, and those who argue against her learn their lesson swiftly. Her need for precision in her job often causes her orders to be extreme. She has started The Huntsmen Innitiative to capture Aberrants in response to the recent Aberrant-led massacre.
Age: 20
Species: Mortal
An "underboss" of sorts to Ms. Director. Coincidentally, he is also the son of Ms. Director, and rumored to be the heir of her ranking among the Huntmen. Although he has aquired experience and training in the field, his temper-induced judgement and sociopathic tendencies make him a questionable leader. Even the majority of Huntsmen themselves disagree with his actions and overall demeanor, but they cannot argue without risk of their own jobs.

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