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Mythological beasts (aka Aberrants) live among the mortals disguised and hidden. By doing this, they freely roam the Earth without interference or threat. Only one group of mortals are aware of their existence, which are The Huntsmen. 

The Huntsmen descend from beast-slayers of the old ages. They preserve knowledge of aberrants, and techniques of obliterating them. It was believed that Aberrants were a disease and curse of the world. Until one day, where Aberrants and Hunters alike decided to cease fighting and agree to peace (under a few conditions)

With years passing by, ties between the two factions stayed erratic and unstable despite the agreement, and yearlong grudges lingered. 
Until one bloody event, which completely changed the gameplay.

(This comic includes vulgarity, violence, and other dark themes. Read at your own discretion.)


Contact E-mail: itsjairus@yahoo.com




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What program do you use to draw pages?

Firealpaca for drawing and formatting pages. GIMP 2 is used for photoshop-y effects and whatnot.

What brushes do you use? Where do I find them?

The brush for my sketchy lineart is found here. I pull a few of my brushes off of GIMP and play around with the settings, but usually you can find alot of free brush packs online.

Is Nick a ftm trans man?

Yes. He hopes people will respectably refer to him as a him.

What about (something relating to the pre-reboot version of "Pursuit")?

Most likely, if it hasn't been directly mentioned in the current comic, the thing you're talking about is now irrelavant or has yet to be covered in the comic.

Animal people¿??¿??

I enjoy drawing anthropromorphic characters for aesthetic and because its fun.

What about the Writer/Artist ?

Jairus? They're probably wasting their time on twitter or playing a video game instead of drawing new pages like they're supposed to.

Or asleep. Probably asleep.


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